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All treatment interventions at De Evenaar are resilience-oriented. Therefore the so-called “resilience-oriented therapy and strategies” model (ROTS) is the starting point for all kinds of treatment. This model joins concepts of vulnerability and stress together with two aspects of resilience, i.e. personal strength (e.g. coping) and social support. Working with this model implies that besides exploration of the mental health problems and the traumatic experiences attention is provided to resources of personal strength and social support.

During treatment these resources are analysed in more detail and clinician and patient join in improving and extending resilience. This is achieved, for instance, by investigating how someone can become more active again through new activities, new perspectives on situations, or by learning to cope with sorrow or anger. Physical exercise and being mindful in breathing and relaxation are also included. There might be other aspects which can be meaningful in life and exploring and strengthening these aspects is an integrated part of therapy.